Fish Farm Jun. 2020


Available Units: -9

Farming & Sales: 6 months (December 2020)

Yield: 15

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Fish Breed:

Clarias & Heteroclarias (Catfish)

Product Analysis:

Aquaculture remains an integral part of Nigeria’s agriculture sector with impact on our GDP, our annual fish demand is estimated at 3.3 million metric tons and with our production capacity at 1.2 million metric tons, there is a gap in supply of 2.1 million metric tons. 80 per cent of fish produced in the country are catfish which shows the demand for our local production.

The Federal Government complained that about $700 million was spent on importation of fish into the country. Nigeria is the largest importer of fish and fishery products in Africa and the world’s fourth largest in volume terms (5.4% of global imports) after China, Japan and the US.

By Investing in Farmkart Agricultural projects, you are contributing to the success of local farmers, increasing the production of healthy food for our rapidly expanding population and the growth of our economy. It would foster the aquaculture industry’s efforts and generally boost our economy GDP”.

My investment covers:

Insurance from Leadway Assurance, Farm inputs, Pond Rent, Feeds, Organic Supplements, Farm Workers etc.

Farm Location:

Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State


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