Invest in agriculture

We help you invest in farming to increase food production, support farmers and earn up to 30% return on investment.

Invest in agriculture

We help you invest in farming to increase food production, support farmers and earn up to 30% return on investment.

How it works

Using practical experience in farming, our strategies are focused on optimizing financial performance while achieving our goal of increasing local production.

Join Farmkart​

Partner with us by investing in any of our livestock farms.

Track Updates

Get investment updates on the livestock farm selected.

Get Returns

Earn up to 30% ROI at the end of the farm cycle.

Get Better Yields

Reap your reward for every successful farm project in a cycle. With the increasing food needs of a constantly expanding global population, the time to unlock the potential of agriculture in your portfolio is now.

Support Local Farmers

By Investing in Farmkart agricultural projects, you are helping to create jobs, contributing to the success of our local farmers and in the production of excellent quality, healthy, organic livestock.

Make Social Impact

Join us in promoting youth inclusion in agriculture, enhancing food security for our rapidly expanding population, decreasing carbon footprint from importation and boosting Nigeria's economy.

How can we help you?

We are always here to help whenever you might have some questions! You can check our frequently asked questions and also contact us via email or call us on +234 8188116677

You can be part Farmkart by clicking the “Become an investor” button and filling out the form. However, you can only register when a cycle is open.

We do not have fixed dates for the future cycles. Once a cycle is closed, it usually takes about 2 or 3 months before the next cycle opens.

You will receive your contract within 5-7 working days from the day you make a formal investment.

After that select the payment options of either Paystack, you will be required to complete the transaction with your ATM Card or you may chose the bank transfer option which would require you to use your bank token to complete the transaction.

Farmkart is structured to give Farm Investors updates; we send monthly updates for farm cycles which exceed 6 months. Farm updates are written progress reports which includes pictures and videos of the farm cycle.

With our profit calculator you can always know your (ROI) return on investment. You can increase or decrease the number of slots you buy and it will automatically calculate your net profit along with your initial capital.

The minimum number of units you can invest in any farm cycle is one, while the maximum is subject to the farm units availability.

Of course you can visit! We organize farm tours every quarter to allow investors to measure growth and get an experience of the farm activities and operations.

All our farms have specific farm cycle period. We have taken into proper consideration the gestation period required for each farm to go from beginning to the harvest stage. To interrupt the growth life cycle of any livestock before maturity, will negatively affect our operations, and we will not be able to ‘terminate’ the farm cycle of any given farm. However, at the end of the stipulated farm cycle, and the Investor has received his farm Investment and returns after harvest, the decision to re-Invest another farm or otherwise, is entirely the Investor’s decision.

Yes, Farmkart is insured. We partnered with Leadway Assurance to insure all existing farm projects, so that in the event of an accident, the invested capital can be refunded. The insurance covers only the initial investment capital, it does not cover the return after harvest.

It Depends on the farm you select, the cycle can run from 6 months to 12 months

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