How to Invest in Farmkart

How to Invest in Farmkart In our last post, we shared that our business has evolved and this evolution will directly have an impact on how our investors can invest in Farmkart. Here’s why: Our public funding process is currently on hold and will be for a while. In January 2021, the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) […]

Farmkart, The Past & The Future

Farmkart, The Past & The Future When the sun shines on clay and wax; clay gets stronger, wax melts. But when it rains, both the wax and the clay get wet. Coronavirus disease was the rain of 2020. The entire world, all races, rich or poor, old or young, clay or wax, felt the impact of the […]

Farmkart 2.0

Farmkart 2.0 Building an investment vehicle for agriculture through crowdfunding at The passion for agriculture runs within our family. My late dad worked with Mitchell Farms in the ’80s where he was a sales executive. I saw an increasing demand for livestock consumption in Nigeria as well as youths who lacked interest in farming. […]